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Division of Humanities   

The Division of Humanities seeks to facilitate the development of students into mature, caring, knowledgeable individuals who, as reflective, critical, and humane persons, not only comprehend but appreciate pluralistic values while maintaining their individuality.  The Humanities division is composed of the following departments:
Each department within Humanities supplements the other, as well as the total academic program of the College, and each presents and opens a way of viewing, understanding, and expressing thoughtful responses to the world we share.

In keeping with the College's mission and its motto "veritas est lux" (truth is light) faculty members within the Division provide students with the individual attention necessary to spark excellence in critical thinking, scholarly and creative writing, public speaking, and artistic performance. Dedicated professionals within each department seek to nurture gifts already evident in their students and to facilitate the development of hidden talent.

The following majors and minors are offered in this division:

  1. English  (Department of Language and Letters)                   
  2. Christian Education  (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies) 
  3. Philosophy and Religion (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Students majoring in English will be prepared for graduate school in English, Education, Journalism, and Law; they will also have qualifications for beginning a career in advertising, editing, or journalism. Students majoring in Music will be prepared for graduate school in music or music education; they may also seek careers as professional musicians. Students majoring in Philosophy will be prepared for graduate study in that discipline or for the seminary; a degree in philosophy is often the best route to many professional careers, including public service and civil service, as it provides students with the basic tools for clear, critical thought.


Philander Smith College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central
Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate degrees. The organization can be
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Contact Us

Dr. Lia Steele

Division Chair
Phone: (501) 370-5217
Office: Titus Academic Center, AC 227

Administrative Assistant for the Humanities
Phone: (501) 975-8500
Fax: (501) 975-8520
Office: Titus Academic Center, Suite D