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The Advancement Team

Michael Hutchinson
Director for Institutional Advancement 
(501) 370-5378
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
(501) 370-5242
Rodney O. Parks
Director of Development
(501) 975-8535
yvonne pierce  
Yvonne Alexander
Director of Alumni Affairs
(501) 370-5271
Dan Pierce
Graphics Producer/Photographer
(501) 370-5268
Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Website
(501) 370-5378
messia Roslyn  
Gemessia Ford
Development Officer
(501) 975-8547
Rosalyn Hudson
Fund Coordinator
(501) 975-8537


Title III Management Team

alivn   watson
Alvin Anglin
Title III Project Director
(501) 370-5316
  Christine Watson
Assistant Director of Title III
(501) 370-5266

(Title III Offices are located on the second floor of the Cox Building)