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Majors and Minors

The academic unit of Philander Smith College offers majors and minors as follows:

Division of Business and Economics

  • BAA in Business Administration
  • BBA in Organizational Management

Division of Education

  •  BS in Early Childhood Education
  •  BS in Middle Childhood Education
  •  BA in Physical Education
  •  BS in Vocational Education/BusinessTechnology

Division of Humanities

  • BA in English
  • BA in Philosophy and Religion

Division of Social Sciences

  •  BA in Political Science
  •  BSW in Social Work
  •  BA in Psychology
  •  BA in Sociology
    • Minor: Black Family

Division of Natural & Physical Sciences

  •  BS in Biology (e.g., medicine; nursing; medical technology; dentistry; pharmacy)
  •  BS in Chemistry
  •  BS in Computer Science (also 3/2 Engineering)
  •  BS in Mathematics
  •  BS in Physics
  •  BS in General Science

Continuing Education and Professional Development

  •  Philander Smith Management Institute (PSMI)
    • BAA in Organizational Management
  •  Weekend College

If there are questions about the list of majors and minors at Philander Smith College, please contact the appropriate Division and Program.