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Professor Information    
Inyong Park
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Applied Mathematics and Technology
Division of Natural and Physical Sciences
Philander Smith College

501-370-5318 (phone)
Myer Titus Academic Center
Office #120
900 W. Daisy L. Gatson Bates Drive
Little Rock, AR  72202

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B.S. Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, 1993
M.S. Physics, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, 1995    
Ph.D. Physics, YITP, Stony Brook, New York, 2000

Professional Organizations
Member: Anacapa society
Award: 2008-2010 KITP scholar, UCSB

Research Interests
Particle Physics
String Theory

Selected Publications
24. I.Y. Park  (2009),  "Vertex operator formulation of scattering around black hole'', arXiv: 0906.2578 [hep-th], web address:

23. I.Y. Park  (2009), "Geometric counter-vertex for open string scattering on D-branes'', arXiv: 0902.1279 [hep-th], web address:

22. I.Y. Park  (2008),  "Open string engineering of D-brane geometry'', arXiv: 0806.3330 [hep-th],  JHEP 0808:026,2008, web address:

21. I.Y. Park (2008), "One loop scattering on D-branes '', Eur.Phys.J.C62:783-791,2009, arXiv:0801.0218[hep-th], web address:

20. I.Y. Park (2008), “Scattering on D3 branes ”, Phys. Lett. B660:583-591, 2008, arXiv:0708.3452[hep-th], web address:  
19. I.Y. Park (2008), “Toward getting finite results from N=4 SYM with alpha-prime-corrections”, arXiv:0704.2853[hep-th], web address:

18. I.Y. Park, A. Tirziu and A.A. Tseytlin (2005), “Semiclassical circular strings in Ads(5) and ’long’ gauge field strength operators ”,  Phys. Rev.D71:126008,2005, hep-th/0505130, web address:

17. I.Y. Park, A. Tirziu and A.A. Tseytlin, (2005) “Spinning strings in AdS5 £S5: one loop correction to energy in SL(2) sector ”, JHEP 0503:013,2005, hep-th/0501203, web address:

16. S.A. Frolov, I.Y. Park and A.A. Tseytlin (2005), “On one loop correction to energy of spinning strings in S5”, Phys. Rev.D71:026006,2005, hep-th/0408187, web address:

15. I.Y. Park (2004), “Absorption of a Quantum in a D1/D5 System,”  Phys. Lett. B591:325-333, 2004, hep-th/0403218, web address:

14. I. Bars and I.Y. Park (2004), “Improved Off-shell Scattering Amplitudes in String  Field theory and New Computational Techniques,” Phys. Rev. D69:086007,2004, hep-th/0311264, web address:

13. O. Lunin, S.D. Mathur, I.Y. Park and A. Saxena (2004), “Tachyon condensation and ’bounce’  in the D1-D5 System,” Nucl.Phys. B679:299-328,2004, hep-th/0304007, web address:

12. I.Y. Park, C.N. Pope and A. Sadrzadeh (2002), “AdS Braneworld Kaluza-Klein Reduction”, Class. Quant. Grav. 19:6237-6258,2002, hep-th/0110238, web address:

11. A.J. Nurmagambetov and I.Y. Park (2002)“On the M5 and AdS7/CFT6 Correspondence”, Phys. Lett. B524:185-191,2002, hep-th/0110192,
web address:

10. I.Y. Park ()“Strong Coupling Limit of Open Strings:Born-Infield  Analysis”, Phys. Rev. D64:081901,2001, hep-th/0106078, web address:

9. Carlos Nunez, I.Y. Park, Martin Schvellinger and T.A.Tran (2001), “Supergravity Duals of Gauge Theories from F(4)gauged Supergravity in Six-dimensions”, JHEP 0104:025,2001,
hep-th/0103080, web address:

8. M. Mihailescu, I.Y. Park and T.A. Tran (2001), “D-branes as Solitons of an N=1, D=10 Noncommutative Gauge Theory”, Phys. Rev. D64:046006,2001, hep-th/0011079, web address:

7.  I.Y. Park, A. Sadrzadeh and T.A. Tuan (2001),“Super Yang-Mills Operators from the D3 Brane  Action in a Curved Background”,  Phys. Lett. B497:303-308,2001, hep-th/0010116,web address:
6. I.Y. Park and R. Von Unge (2000), “Hyperkahler Quotients, Mirror Symmetry  and F Theory”, JHEP 003:037,2000, hep-th/0001051,
web address:

5.  I.Y. Park (1999), “Fundamental vs. Solitonic Description of D3 branes”,  Phys. Lett. B468 (1999) 213, hep-th/9907142, web address:

4.  F. Gonzalez-Rey, B. Kulik and I.Y. Park (1999), “Non-renormalization of Two and Three Point Correlators of N=4 SYM in N=1 Superspace”,  Phys. Lett. B 455 (1999) 164-170, hep-th/9903094, web address:        

3. F.Gonzalez-Rey, I.Y. Park, and K. Schalm (1999) “A Note on Four-point Functions of Conformal  Operators in N=4 Super-Yang Mills”,  Phys. Lett. B 448(1999) 37-40, hep-th/9811155, web address:                                      
2. F. Gonzalez-Rey, I.Y. Park, and M. Ro.cek (1999), “On Dual 3-brane Actions with Partially Broken N=2 Supersymmetry”, Nucl. Phys. B 544(1999) 243-264, hep-th/9811130,web address:

1.  F. Gonzalez-Rey, B. Kulik, I.Y. Park, and M. Ro.cek (1999), “Self-dual Effective Action of
N=4 Super-Yang-Mills”, Nucl. Phys. B 544(1999) 218-242, hep-th/9810152, web address:

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