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Future Spiritual Entrepreneur Gets Down to Business


By: Stephanie Malone

On the campus of Philander Smith College, Alex Erdmann is a spiritual force many know by his distinctive voice and kind personality.

Fondly called “Brother Alex” by many Philanderians, this third-year college student possesses all of the qualities necessary for the familial title. Genuine, supportive, kind-hearted, and a natural helper, Erdmann often gives a hand to those in need.

Erdmann has recently been appointed as Chaplain of the National Pre-Alumni Council (NPAC) with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), where his primary responsibilities include providing spiritual guidance to council members as well as advancing the mission of the NPAC.

“I was so overjoyed and excited to be appointed,” Said Erdmann, 22, a Milwaukee native. “I was personally notified from the NPAC president, Brittany Glover.”

Knowing he has been called into ministry, this appointment would seem a natural stepping stone into Erdmann’s hopes of becoming a preacher or pastor. He currently serves as chaplain of Religious Life Council on campus and regularly conducts prayer meetings for students via conference call. Erdmann’s zeal for spiritual ministry, however, should not suggest he does not understand the functions of business, especially when it comes to a staple such as the church. A business administration major, Erdmann plans to eventually own an enterprise or holdings company where he can franchise multiple businesses under the same umbrella.

“I believe my business administration degree will go hand-in-hand with church ministry, because it’s important to know the business side of church to keep it alive running,” said Erdmann.

Erdmann aspires to become a career services business owner, helping job seekers acquire adequate training to secure stable employment.

Erdmann is a man who wears many hats. Amongst his involvement in Residential Life, where he is a resident assistant, he also anchors a campus-based YouTube newscast called the  PSC Panther News. He also holds memberships in the Pre-Alumni Council, Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL), Black Male Initiative, and Aspiring Ministers and Missionaries Alliance.

Continuing to challenge himself this summer, Erdmann will begin an internship with Enterprise Car Rental, and enrich his studies by taking additional summer school courses.

A few of his hobbies include swimming, travelling, and visiting the elderly while his personal motto is “Exemplify what you profess to Possess.” Philander Smith has been a place that Erdmann affectionately calls his “home away from home,” while he admits that the familial atmosphere and embracing alumni are the main reasons he loves PSC.

“This institution has a way of taking a diamond in the rough and polishing it to shine brighter than any jewel,” said Erdmann “I am truly proud to say I am a student of Philander Smith College.”