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Division Of Education



Interim Division Chair: Dr. Lloyd Hervey, 

Phone: (501) 370-5239


Location: Titus Academic Center, Suite A, Room 218

The Division of Education builds upon the College's philosophy as well as human, physical, and financial resources for the implementation of its programs and services. Education candidates are prepared to use their critical and creative thinking skills in both school and non-school settings. 

Mission of the Division of Education
Aligned with the mission of the College, the mission of the Division of Education is to graduate academically accomplished professionals prepared to model critical and creative thinking to improve the quality of life for students, their families, the community, and a global society. Furthermore, the Division is committed to preparing outstanding educators who will become community, national, and world leaders; promote excellence and equity; and model appreciation for diversity in the classroom as advocates for social justice.

Conceptual Framework
The philosophy of the Division of Education and its departments contribute to the College's purpose and philosophy when it embeds the following principles of its conceptual framework. The theme of the Division's conceptual framework is "The Teacher as the FORCE in the Teaching/ Learning Process." The framework's underlying principles are: Facilitator, Organizer, Reflector, Collaborator, and Energizer. Each principle represents research-based critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions identified as the characteristics of effective teaching. Each principle is aligned with Danielson's Framework for Teaching, Arkansas Standards, and Specialty Professional Association Standards (SPA) and the mission of Philander Smith College.

Teacher Education Programs
The Division of Education offers Teacher Education licensure programs in Elementary Education (ELED, grades K-6), Middle Level Education (MCEA, grades 4-8, Vocational Education/Business Technology (VOBT, grades 7-12) and a non-licensure program in Physical Education (PHED). Each program is built upon a sound liberal arts foundation and an appropriate content area foundation. Each program is also designed to enable candidates to acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are crucial to effective teaching.

All education majors interested in pursuing a Teacher Education Degree leading to licensure must meet Philander Smith College's graduation and Arkansas Licensure requirements.

Teacher Education Programs
Vocational Education/Business Technology
Physical Education (PHED)
Faculty of Education



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