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If there is anyone who can give the behind the scenes insight into the NBC smash reality hit, The Apprentice, it’s Omarosa—the contestant that everyone loved to hate. Although she didn’t win in the boardroom, she took the world by storm and offers up her no-nonsense tips on navigating the treacherous waters of leadership, gender, and diversity in business.

Omarosa will enlighten audiences with insider secrets to some of the hottest topics in politics and high powered business wheeling and dealing. She is dynamic, knowledgeable, and brings her own distinctive flair to each event. Her take on The Apprentice is provocative and astute, presenting a shrewd understanding of what really goes on in front of the camera and behind it.

Currently, Omarosa continues to expand her professional repertoire serving as a Managing Partner for Access America Enterprise Corporation, and is working on lending her strong voice to the ongoing political dialogue in this country.

A woman who gives the competition a run for their money, she has taken bold steps towards conquering the business and media landscape with the same vivacity and power she showcased so diligently on television.