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President Search Update

Updated: 6/28/2014

Up to the June 15th date for best consideration, sixty applicants were received with interest in serving as the 14th president of Philander Smith College. The Search Committee has met to review the applicants and identify those who may be semi-finalists. Recognizing that some applicants may no longer be available, the Search Committee understands that prospective semi-finalists are official only after confirmation has been received to continue the vetting process.

Nine of the sixty applicants were selected as semi-finalists. After contact has been made and confirmation received, the process continues with extensive background checks, comprehensive discussions with semi-finalists' references, and additional communication with the semi-finalists, as needed. The Search Committee expects to complete these next steps by the end of July, concluding with interviews of the semi-finalists. Following these interviews, the scheduling of tentative on-campus visits of identified finalists will be completed by the end of August.

The Search Committee's work has been diligent and intense with great care and consideration given to every applicant. Updates will continue to be provided as the process evolves.

Updated: 6/17/2014

The date given for best consideration when applying for the position of the fourteenth president of Philander Smith College was June 15, 2014. To date fifty-six applicants have been received, and the Search Committee is conscientiously reading and re-reading applicants curricula vitae. Later this month, the search committee will convene to identify top candidates as prospective semi-finalists.

The tasks of screening candidates to select those who best represent the qualifications: visionary leadership, fund raising experience, five years minimum of senior level administrative experience, and an appreciation of Philander Smith College’s history and legacy as a HBCU, steeped in a strong Christian foundation and culture. These qualifications are critical as candidates are reviewed. Additionally, specific attributes have been identified and candidate profiles are scrutinized to find evidence of these areas of competence and understanding.

As semi-finalists are identified, the next steps of the search process can proceed.

Updated: 5/14/2014

During the week of graduation exercises and the Alumni Weekend celebration, the presidential search committee was also meeting. As of May 5th, forty applicants have been received. The committee met to address questions and concerns about process, confidentiality, timelines, and other details to assist in the evaluation of the candidate applications.

The publication of the position requests that applicants submit their curriculum vitae, cover letter, and references by June 15th for best consideration. While numerous applicants have responded, interest remains very high and applications continue to be received. The Search Committee members are working diligently to give each applicant every consideration. The next critical step in the process is the identification of semi-finalists. The tentative target for completing this phase is July 1st. However, the committee's greater commitment is to find the candidates that best demonstrate the competencies, experiences, skills, along with additional abilities that can serve the needs, present and future, for Philander Smith College.

Updated: 4/15/2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the recent forums. Great questions and discussions were shared. The primary purpose of the sessions was to provide insight on the search process. Seven separate hour long sessions were held and attendees included students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The questions and concerns raised during the forums will certainly be factored in throughout the search procedures.

The Search Committee members spent quality time reviewing the overall process and becoming acclimated for the tasks ahead. Currently twenty-seven applicants, nominations, and inquiries have been received. While there is no exact timeline, the Search Committee is committed to closely screening applicants as expeditiously as possible.

Please refer to this link for updates on the search process.