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dr. smothers 14th

Roderick L. Smothers Sr., Ph.D.


A Message from our President: Dr. Roderick Smothers


2015 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the long storied history of Philander Smith College, and as the new president of this great academic institution, I am excited to join everyone in the college community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters — in moving this institution to new heights.

At Philander Smith, our aim will be to rekindle the enthusiasm for academic excellence and progress, inspire and educate the next generation of leaders, and to share a desire to do things that will positively impact our community, state, nation and world. Those who depend on PSC for quality talent to help drive our local and state economic engine should know that we will continue to prepare our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. They will be the resolute innovators in their fields, prepared for the 21st century global economy. We will make a difference in every single life in our sphere of influence.

We will improve our offerings and expand the resources that our students and faculty need to be the very best they can be. We will employ creative strategies that will attract talented students and grow our enrollment. We will also work to enhance our "friend-raising" and fundraising efforts to ensure PSC's continued growth and development.

We must meet our mission to not only serve those on campus, but also those in the larger community as well. As an urban campus, we play a significant role in solving many of the problems plaguing this community and humankind in general.

I am a firm believer that the sky is not our limit, we are. We limit ourselves when we fail to believe in ourselves and underuse our talents. We become unlimited when we surround ourselves with those who believe in us and those in whom we believe, those who inspire us and those who are inspired by us, and those whose expectations are as high as ours and whose commitment is as strong as our own. Here at PSC, we are unlimited in our ability to making the world better.

Now, let us begin reaching onward and upward!

Roderick L. Smothers Sr.



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