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Mission: to provide efficient and essential healthcare relevant to the needs of the campus community; to enhance the ability of the students to be academically successful through the development of life skills and healthy behaviors and to equip students to become productive members of society in professional leadership and service. We strive to accomplish this through health education, health promotion and comprehensive medical care.

All students wanting STD/HIV testing please contact Nurse Martie to set up an appointment via email @ 

Please click here for private HIV testing for more information please contact Nurse Martie

Did You Know?

The single most important way to PREVENT infection is to properly wash your hands.

Hand Washing Procedure                                                          


  For Instance:

Call 911




PSC Health Services

(RLC or Nurse Savage)

Loss of Consciousness with lack of responsiveness


Diarrhea or vomiting for more than 48 hours

Diarrhea or vomiting for up to 48 hours

Inability to Breathe

(severe asthma attack)


Major burns

Minor burns, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations (rash)

Uncontrollable bleeding (stab wound, gun shot wound)

Cold/Flu symptoms worsening with treatment

Cold/Flu symptoms (up to 24 to 48 hours)

Bone exposing fracture

Sprained ankles, wrist, swollen knees (after clinic hours if unable to move injured area)

Sprained ankles, wrist, swollen knees

Cardiac arrest

(no pulse, no breathing)

Increasing abdominal pain after clinic hours (appendix, ectopic pregnancy)

Conjunctivitis (Pink eye)

Attempted suicide


Suicidal thoughts

Abdominal pain

Severe burns


Uncontrollable nose bleeds

STD screening

student health 101