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Philander Smith College

Office of Religious Life

"Exemplify what you profess to possess."
2013-2014 Religious Life 
"Who will rise up from against the evil doers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of inequity." - Psalm 94:16

About Religious Life:        



  The Office or Religious Life will be a complement, a co-curricular experience, to the academic discipline by engaging each member of the Philander Smith College community in the enhancement and development of spiritually-based leadership, integrity, and responsibility that witness to the diversity of the life of Jesus Christ as we go forth to aid in the social, cultural, and moral transformation of this community and the world . 


 The Office of Religious Life seeks to encourage and nurture spiritual growth and wholeness among the Philander Smith college community by creating and maintaining programs that aid the members of the college community in becoming living witnesses to Christ among themselves and the community-at-large. In pursuit of this mission, we seek to offer ministry not only to our students, but also to the members of our faculty, staff, and alumni.  As an institution with an affiliation with the United Methodist Church, Philander Smith College places emphasis on value formation and ethical decision-making.  We affirm the presence of God within our learning community and invite students to employ both faith and intellect as they pursue their academic endeavors.  As students develop or refine their personal values, we seek to engage them in offering a positive contribution through service for the common good of all God’s creation. Our mission is to serve the spiritual needs of the campus community wherever possible.  

Aspects of the Religious Life Program include:
Weekly, mandatory Chapel Services (held each Thursday at 11 a.m.)
    The Philosophy of the Philander Smith College Chapel

The Chapel experience, held weekly, is one of the most important aspects of life in our campus community.  Although Philander Smith College is a United Methodist Church-related institution, Chapel is the one place where the PSC community assembles to worship God through the various denominational liturgical traditions, and participates in forums, convocations, and other corporate activities.

Chapel activities reflect usage of both inclusive leadership and inclusive language.  In keeping with the mission of Philander Smith College, leaders during chapel activities include females and males, demonstrating sensitivity to gender, racial, denominational, and community diversity.  In an ongoing effort to eliminate oppression, the generic usage of masculine nouns, pronouns, and adjectives as representative of all subjects is not applicable.

First Thursdays Chapel serves as a worship opportunity for the campus community.  Different ministers are invited to deliver sermons that address the spiritual needs of our campus community.  For these services we encourage our students to dress in a professional manner.  Students, staff, and faculty leads in the worship experience by singing of songs, praying of prayers, and reading the Holy Scripture.

  Other Religious Life Events:
  • Worship Services focused on needs of the college community, particularly the students
  • Student Christian Association (Bible study and business meetings)
  • Mission projects and trips
  • Revivals and annual Religious Emphasis Week activities
  • Retreats
  • Pre-theological student group
  • Individual religious counseling




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A nnual Campus Ministry Programs
These programs are scheduled each academic year:  Black History Month and Religious Emphasis Week (held in February).  All students are encouraged to participate in religious activities and special programs.

Religious Life Organizations:
  • Religious Life Council

  • My Soul's Desire

  • Empowering the African American Male

  • Chosen Generation Gospel Choir

  • Miss Religious Life


  • Social Justice Mission Project

  • Aspiring Ministers and Missionaries Alliance


Contact Information:

The Office of Religious Life  is located in the M.L. Harris Auditorium, 2nd floor

(501) 370-5344
Religious Life Office
(501) 370-5296