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Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff at Philander Smith College are devoted to the teaching and learning of students inside and outside of the classroom. Both are committed to providing PSC students with significant research and scholarly internship experiences. Many members of the faculty seek to involve students in their research or in other scientific or creative projects. In particular, students experience traveling and presenting their scholarship before focus groups or at professional symposiums and conferences, or they shadow professionals in the workforce or in scientific settings. Other students complete research themes with faculty or staff before culminating their research with study abroad.

All faculty and staff understand the importance of quality academic advising, including advising students on prospective graduate programs and career opportunities. Philander Smith faculty, staff, and peer mentors continually collaborate on measurable efforts to assist students on a daily basis and to boost student support through co-curricular activities as well as formal and informal mentoring and tutoring.

Faculty Handbook
Adjunct Handbook & Staff Handbook

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