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Department of Campus Safety & Security

For emergencies and non-emergency calls, 24 hours a day,

Contact 501-370-5370  or  501-442-7780

The primary role of the Department of Campus Safety is to maintain an orderly and safe  collegiate atmosphere for faculty, staff, students and visitors that is conductive to learning. The Office has the responsibility for the management of campus parking, fire and crime prevention, emergency medical assistance and overall campus safety. The officers also provide logistical support for large campus events and offers special education programs on safety and personal protection. The Chief of the Department is the senior administrator in the office and reports directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management to enhance communication and address between Philander Smith students and the Department.

Values of Campus Safety & Security



Integrity- Integrity and ethics are fundamental to effective policing and help to build trust within the College community. Sound conduct by safety staff improves community interactions, enhances communication, and promotes shared responsibility for addressing crime and disorder.


Vigilance -Vigilance consists of being devoted attentive and watchful of the College’s people, property, and information. Security staff must always be attentive and notice things that others don’t. In order to be aware of potential risks or incidents that may take place on our campus staff must be vigilant daily.


Helpfulness- Helpfulness is critical to our institution. safety staff should when needed, lend assistance, even if it is not directly related to his or her job. As part of an ongoing effort to make the campus safer, security staff will always help when an incident occurs that requires intervention.


Our Mission


The mission of the Philander Smith College Campus Safety & Security Department is to provide the safest educational environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests.

Our Vision


We are committed to operating as a campus community which is service-oriented and supports a student-centered learning environment.

Specific Duties of Officers:

·          Enforce the rules and regulations of Philander Smith College

·          Direct parking and control the flow of traffic (human and vehicles) on campus

·          Patrol the buildings, campus grounds and the surrounding property of Philander Smith College

·          Investigate automobile accidents and file an immediate report

·          Detain persons for Little Rock Police Department

·          Communicate with all segments of the campus population students, faculty, administration, as well as guests who come to Philander Smith College

·          Report lost and found, missing or stolen items immediately to the Chief of Security

·          Lock and secure all buildings after working hours

·          Make a special report of any incident or violation

·          Assist with all emergencies

·          Be alert to suspicious activity on and around the campus

·          Provide special educational programs on safety and protection of individuals

Contact Information


We are here to help you! Feel free to call, email, visit, or write the Department of Campus Safety & Security:

Mailing Address:

Philander Smith College
Department of Campus Safety & Security
900 Daisy Bates Drive
Little Rock, AR 72202

Campus Location:

ML Harris Building 2 nd floor


Chief’s Message



  Welcome to Philander Smith College Campus Safety & Security. The role of the Office of Campus Safety & Security is to work toward ensuring the safety of all individuals while on campus and provide for the security of all properties of the College.

In doing so, it is recognized that security at Philander Smith College is everybody's business. Although no community can be totally risk-free in today's society, the office works toward securing partnerships with students, faculty, staff, administration and guests in creating an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to learning.

It is important that Campus Safety have a philosophy that is consistent with contemporary policies and campus expectations. Therefore, we ask that you always adhere to all established Rules and Regulations governing conduct and behavior while on campus.

Policies and procedures of the College are not designed to restrict your freedom, but rather to ensure that the rights and privileges of all individuals on campus are protected.

As the Chief of Campus Safety & Security for Philander Smith College, and on behalf of the men and women of Campus Safety, we look forward to being of service to members of the Philander community and continue to provide a safe and secure environment on a daily basis.

Thank you, for the cooperative efforts of everyone at Philander Smith College.


Anita Rodgers Phillips
Chief of Safety & Security
Office- 501-975-8525\



Crime Statistics
Philander Smith College collects data on campus crime statistics under the student right to know and campus security act passed in November 1990. Crime statistics are compiled annually and reported to the Department of Higher Education. This information may be found in the Office of Safety and Security.

Thank you for taking time to read this year’s annual security report. This report is designed 
to provide you with important information, about safety and security on campus. In addition to outlining the details of the many programs that Philander Smith College offers community
members. The report also contains statistics about crime on campus. When you review the statistics, you will note that Philander Smith College is a relatively safe  campus. The safety you experience on campus is due in part to the combined efforts of many different departments and individuals. Safety is a shared responsibility and we rely on every community member to contribute to the security and safety on campus by reporting suspicious activities and using common sense approach when going about their daily activities.


If you have questions or would like further information about safety and security at Philander Smith College, please visit us at (Campus Safety)

or contact us at (501) 370-5370 or (501)  975-8525.


Parking Regulations   
Students are responsible for their own vehicles. Violations by students will result in disciplinary action by the College and the vehicle permanently barred. All students must be able to show proof of liability insurance. All students are advised to have collision and theft insurance as well as working vehicle alarms.Security Officers control and regulate traffic and ensure compliance with traffic rules and regulations. Improper parking and operation of vehicles in a reckless or unsafe manner will be cited and ticketed.
All students' vehicles must be registered with Campus Security and receive a parking decal (vehicles must be registered during school registration period or within 24 hours of its arrival to campus). All residential students must park in the student parking lot behind the old dorms. Non-residential students may park in the Kendall, Titus and BA lots during class hours only. No parking is permitted in the fire lanes. Student parking is not permitted in front of the Cox Administration Building or the Residential Life Center at any time (for staff only).
Parking violations will result in the following (during any given academic year):
1.  First parking violation will result in a Warning Ticket.
2.  Second parking violation will result in a $50 fine added to your school bill.
3.  Third parking violation will result in the towing of the student's vehicle at the owner's expense.
4.  Fourth parking violation will result in the student's loss of privileges to have a motor vehicle on the
Emergency Contact Information
In an Emergency, dial 9-911.


Campus Safety Cell. 501-442-7780

Main Security Booth. 501-370-5370

Chief of Safety & Security. 501-975-8525

Campus Counselor. 501-370-5229, 501-952-5275

Residence Life.  501- 975-6058

Health Center. 501-370-5333

CIS Dept. 501-370-5336 (Help Desk)

Student Affairs. 501-370-5354


Little Rock Police Department- Non-Emergency -501-371-4605

Little Rock Fire Department- Non Emergency- 501-455-3530


Report Suspicious Activity and Incidents Immediately to Campus Safety & Security

Campus Safety & Security Staff


Chief of Security

Anita Phillips

501-975-8525- Office



Donald Walter



Campus Safety Telephone Numbers



Campus Safety Officers

Marshall Bonds

Donnie Brown

Heath Chandler

Bentley Flint

Curtis Gaines

Cynthia Hicks

Thomas Pryor

Jeffery Rockett

Orville Thomas

Anthony Williams