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  Accounts Payable Clerk

(501) 370-5341
fax:  (501) 370-5299

The Accounts Payable Clerk is responsible for processing all properly approved purchase orders, invoices and check requests.  In general, checks are processed weekly on Wednesday for requests received in the Business Office by NOON on Friday.  Check requests to individuals, partnerships and unincorporated businesses for professional services, contracting, honoraria, prizes and awards, etc. require the individual's social security or the business tax identification number and permanent address for tax reporting purposes. This should be reported to the Business Office using IRS Form W-9 . 


All invoices should be sent to the address below:

Philander Smith College

Attn.: Accounts Payable

900 Daisy Bates Drive

Little Rock, AR 72202


Student Stipends
As a general rule, payments to students for stipends are taxable income. These stipends are paid through accounts payable with no tax withholdings and are subject to 1099 reporting requirements. Stipends paid to students for teaching, instructing or tutoring other students will be treated as taxable, even if the stipend is used for tuition or course-related expenses by the student.

Note: Title III requests must be initiated directly through the Title III Office.  Please contact Christine Watson at (501) 370-5266 for questions.