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Division of Social Sciences & Social Work

Chair: Dr. Daniel Egbe
Phone: (501) 370-5232
Location: Titus Academic Center, Suite B, Room 205

The mission of the Division of Social Sciences supports the College's mission by addressing the study of human relationships as they pertain to the behavior of individuals, families, societies, nations and government in the historical, political, psychological, and social contexts/environment.

Our students and graduates are critical thinkers, researchers, historians, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists and social workers.

The Division of Social Sciences consists of five academic departments: political science, psychology, sociology, social work, and minors in history and black family studies.

The philosophy of the Division of Social Sciences contributes to the College's purpose and philosophy when it embeds the following core values:


Promote analysis and critical thinking.

  • Ensure language competences to the specific discipline.
  • Ensure ethical acquisition.
  • Foster a culture of ethical behaviors.
  • Promote national and global perspectives.
  • Facilitate testing and evaluation.
  • Institutionalize scientific and social research.
  • Promote the interrelatedness of the disciplines.

Student Learning Goals and Outcomes

  • Promote analysis and critical thinking
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication.
  • Recognize the major frameworks used in the discipline for the analysis of social problems.
  • Integrate multiple sources of knowledge including research based knowledge.
  • Explain key terms, concepts and ideas in discipline.

Ensure language competences in the discipline

  • Restate definitions of general vocabulary.
  • Ensure written and oral competences in discipline.
  • Summarize terms, concepts and key ideas.
  • Prepare written reports specific to style used in discipline.

Foster a culture of ethical behavior

  • Identify ethical standards.
  • Utilize ethical codes of conduct.
  • Incorporate ethical standards to guide research.
  • Implement strategies of ethical reasoning in decision making.

Promote national and global perspectives

  • Recognize key national and international trends.
  • Establish multi cultural perspectives.
  • Demonstrate social justice competences.

Facilitate testing and evaluation

  • Define the various types and levels of client psychological testing and evaluation.
  • Apply, assess and evaluate data to determine intervention strategies.

Institutionalize scientific and social research

  • Demonstrate knowledge and various research methods through oral and written communication.

Promote the interrelatedness of the disciplines

  • Apply principles of social science using a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Interpret results.
  • Evaluate the application.

Majors and Minors
Faculty of Department of Political Science
Faculty of Department of Psychology
Faculty of Department of Sociology
Faculty of Department of Social Work




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