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Computer Science

Computer Science draws upon the fields of Mathematics, Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Philosophy, and Medicine to find solutions to problems. Grown from the computational needs of the professions, it has become a tool in solving problems for all of them. As with most technological advances, it is forever changing and continuously challenging humanity to review the ways that we see ourselves and each other.

Consider the extent of the impact to societies all over the world that evolved from the creation of the Internet and communication networks. So, take a moment away from your video game, your email message, your cell phone, or your text messages to understand that these events would not be possible without computing machines, brilliant minds, imaginative solutions, and unceasing courage from the conglomeration of computer scientists all over the world working together to find solutions to today's problems.

If it is your dream to become a Computer Science Innovator, and you are willing to work hard, then there is nothing stopping you from reaching your dream!

Faculty Name: Dr. Samar I. Swaid William B. Hurst
Telephone: 501-370-5334 501-975-8526